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3rd Floor, Aseda House, Adum – Kumasi, GHANA
Tel: 0242 174 333
Email: info@kessbentv.com

How to send us your News Stories:

If you want to send us a press release, or tell us about a news story:

Email: news@kessbentv.com

How to send us your Video and Pictures:

If you want to send photos or videos:

Email: news@kessbentv.com

By sending us your video footage/photographs/audio you agree that we can broadcast, publish and edit the material and pass it on to others for similar use in any media worldwide, without any payment being due to you. Please do not submit your contribution unless you agree to this.

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If you wish to advertise on any of the Kessben Group’s websites or streaming site, contact Web Sales:

Tel: 0244 435303

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If you wish to advertise on Kessben TV, contact our Marketing:

Tel: 0243 413 679

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